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Wisdom Class Overview Part 1

Wisdom Class Overview Part 2

Wisdom Class Overview Part 3

1 Tree of Balance
2 The Necessary Narcissist
2.5 Difference Between the Necessary Narcissist and Narcissism
3 The Vicious Victim
4 Eatin’ a Slice of Humble Pie
5 Flowchy
6 The Miracles of Manifesting
7 A Blast of Braden
8 Keeping It Simple
9 Evolving Love
10 The Non-Mystical Chakra
11 Betrayal
12 Embracing Vulnerability
13 Conscious Breath & Kundalini
14 Heartmath – Part 1
15 Heartmath – Part 2
16 The Truths of Tarot
17 Energy of Weight Loss
18 Healing Your Physical Body Through Inner Alchemy
19 Connecting with Your Higher Guides
20 Claiming Your Personal Empowerment – Part 1
21 Claiming Your Personal Empowerment – Part 2
22 Healing Your Relationship with Money
23 Clicks of the Pineal
24 All About Archangels
25 The Seven Essene Mirrors – Part 1
26 The Seven Essene Mirrors – Part 2
27 The Seven Essene Mirrors – Part 3
28 Ferocious Fear
29 The Art of Standing in Your Quiet Power
30 Those Clever Crystals with Nikki Elias
31 Soul Ages
32 Detachment
33 Essential Oils with Erlinda Vo
34 Finding Your Passions
35 Intolerance
36 Perceived Safety Zones
37 Kundalini Awakening
38 Karma
39 Healing Your Younger You’s
40 Living Life Unlimited
41 Somatic Awareness
42 Understanding Your Own Sexuality
43 Control
44 Family Dynamics
45 Universal Consciousness
46 Deeper Look at Alchemal Stages
Guest Lecture: Meditating with Animals with Pamela Robins
Guest Lecture: Near Death Experiences with Barbara Bartolome
47 Saving the Planet
Guest Lecture: The Law of Attraction with Aariela Steele
48 The Animal Kingdom
49 The Alchemy of Food
Guest Lecture: Religion vs. Spirituality with Peter Bredlau
50 Your Electromagnetic Field
Guest Lecture: Boundaries and Discovering Your Power with Kate Hawkins
51 Depression and Pharmaceuticals
Guest Lecture: Intro to Weight Loss I with Jackie Sanchez
52 Raising a Conscious Child
Guest Lecture: Living Life Independently with Linda Beach
53 Listen Up! Talking with Your Guides
Guest Lecture: Ebb and Flow – Embracing the Journey with Janet Jamesson
54 Expressing Your Creativity
Guest Lecture: Healing from Grief with Zoya Mills
55 The Energetics of Disease
56 Love, Romance, and Partnerships
Guest Lecture: Weight Loss with Jackie Sanchez – Part 2
57 Engaging with Narcissistic or Self-Consumed People With Wisdom
58 The Big World Computer and Global Change
59 The 12 Levels of Our Soul Development & Our Transition From 3rd to 4th Levels
60 I Need Me Some Nature! How Nature Supports Your Health and Growth
61 Am I Dreaming?  What Happens When We Sleep
Guest Lecture: Getting Off The Grid To Get Into The Grid with Janet Jamesson
62 What Do I Really Want?
63 What Is My Body Saying To Me? Diagnosing Mental & Emotional Blocks Based On The Physical Body
Guest Lecture: Apply Wisdom to Challenging Experiences with Janet Jamesson
64 Projection
65 Your Environment And You (Combined with Q&A)
66 What Keeps You Stuck
67 Listening to Your Wisdom and Gut Instinct
68 The Ego and the Five Love Languages
69 Conflict
Guest Lecture: Reiki in Healthcare with Charlyce Davis
70 Sex vs. Sexuality
71 The Meaning Behind Colors
72 Attachment
73 Food
74 Solar Eclipse
75 Addiction
76 How to See Auras
77 Numerology, Birth Tarot Cards, and Your Personality
78 Flowchy Revisited
79 Regret
80 What Do You Mean, We’re All Connected?
81 Bringing in Abundance
82 Clearing Negative Energy
83 Comparing Yourself to Others
84 Getting What You Want in Life
85 Healing Your Physical Body Naturally
86 Showing Up As Your Most Authentic You
87 Finding Forgiveness
88 Speaking Your Truth
89 Healing the Masculine
90 Loving Yourself Unconditionally
91 I Need a Reset Button
92 Your Vibration and Attracting What You Want
93 How Do I Get Out of My Head?
94 My Safety Zones
95 Communication Breakdown
96 Activating My Internal Strength and Power
97 Living Life from the Inside Out
98 Protecting and Clearing You & Your Environment
99 Heavily Meditated
100 Personality Types
101 I’m Angry!
102 Body Image
103 Taking Courageous Steps
104 How to Get Through Hard Times with Grace and Ease
105 How Am I Doing with My Personal Spiritual Development?
106 Balancing Your Masculine and Feminine Energy
107 Coping Mechanisms
108 Handling the Holidays
109 Life…What’s the Point?
110 No Good is Gooder and No Bad is Badder
111 Living in the Moment During Trying Times
112 A New Perspective on Dark Forces in the World