Why is life so hard some days? Is there a process to solving the challenges we face? Is there a master plan? What is our purpose here on earth?

In the Art of Inner Alchemy – Understanding the Purpose of This Life and Your Growth Within It, Kelly Schwegel guides you through the process of understanding your soul’s lessons within this lifetime.

Kelly takes you on a journey of understanding a healing process that was gleaned from her own life experiences, and solidified through facilitating over 1,000 healing sessions with her clients.

In her easy-to-understand and conversational style, Kelly takes you into the messy and often extremely difficult encounters we have with ourselves and with each other.

Through the seven stages of alchemy, Kelly sheds light on the evolution of our souls and opens our minds to new possibilities. This is a must-read for anyone searching for a deeper meaning to this experience we call life!

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Unimaginably Wonderful
on February 19, 2017

I had the great privilege of attending a seminar presented by Kelly and knew I had to read her book when it came out.

The wisdom, guidance and thought provoking help found in these chapters is astounding. I wish I would have had these insights 40 years ago. Being able to understand the steps to and purpose of self healing is a gift each of us should embrace openly.

Having a path to follow with Kelly as guide, mentor and cheerleader is so very uplifting and special.

I was never much of a “hocus pocus”, metaphysical person growing up. I’m a nurse by degree and am usually very fact based. Show me the data, the peer reviewed studies, the research. I often felt there was something I was missing. That happiness, prosperity, good health we’re just out of my reach. In reading this book and understanding the steps to and purpose of self-healing, self-acceptance and self-love, I discovered who I truly want to become and how to achieve that by letting go of ego and healing hurts from long ago.

Learning how to silence the negative voices of others in my head and listen, with clarity, to my own clear voice is truly inspiring.

I would recommend this book and Kelly’s insights to anyone searching for healing, help and hope.

You will be so grateful you bought this book

on February 20, 2017

This is one of those books that you pull the highlighter out and want to go over every word. There are so many gems and pieces of insight that continue to blow my mind days later. I love how Kelly is so down to earth in her writing and vulnerable in sharing her life experiences. She breaks down all of this material into something I am able to comprehend and provides opportunities to apply this knowledge to your own life through mini activities and critical thought questions. Have you ever finished a spiritual book and then thought, “… okay, now what do I do with this?” Yeah. me too. When I finished this book, I already had an outline of what I needed to work through in terms of my human conditioning. I already had some “ah-ha” moments. Buy this book. You will be so grateful you did! 🙂

A LIFE CHANGING READ!!! buckle up your seatbelt & enjoy the ride!

on March 9, 2017