Praise for Kelly’s impact on the world

Working with Kelly has changed my life! 🙂

I have been working with Kelly for about 6 months. The combination of her intuitive guidance and Reiki have been a powerful learn/release experience for me. I have moved mountains during our time together – more so than I ever accomplished in “traditional” therapy situations. If you are ready, Kelly WILL change your life!
– Pamela R.

Thank you

Dear Kelly,
Thank you for making me feel so safe and comfortable…I am delighted to say that I have stopped smoking now for 6 days and it was easy. I have had two dates with a super confident man and not normally the kind of guy I date…which to me is a huge breakthrough in my own self confidence which is what our session was about….thank you so much xoxo
– Paula S.

A true healer

I’ve seen Kelly a few times while in CA to deal with my wife’s passing. She has helped me to open my eyes and better understand myself. She has changed my life and I’m eternally grateful to her. Kelly is a true healer!
– Mark M.

Even a skeptic like me …

I am skeptical by nature and a lot of the New Age stuff feels too “out there” for me — especially since I’ve experienced some fakes. But Kelly is the real deal. She has genuinely assisted me in creating real breakthroughs in my life (manifested a new job, got off the depression meds, etc), and she always insists that YOU are doing the healing — she’s just the conduit. A true gem.
– Mai C.

Thanks Kelly

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Enlightening. Educational. Powerful.
Thank you Kelly!
– Nia P.

LOVE Kelly!

Kelly and I have been working together for a while and she has helped me to clear my emotional adoption issues (abandonment stuff), emotional baggage from life, and enhanced my overall spiritual development and growth. I have been to numerous healers throughout my life, (not limited to reiki) and no one holds a candle to Kelly. Not to mention she’s a very fun woman who is charming and easy going.
– Caity F.

A very special person

Kelly Schwegel is a very special person. She came to speak at the Center for Spiritual Living Pleasant Valley on a personal energy and how it affects every area of our lives. She is a very clear speaker and thinker. She is a caring person who gives everyone her direct attention. And, when she smiles at you, you are lifted up.

What I like most about the Wisdom Classes, is the clarity of her explanations of spiritual ideas. The ring of truth is very comforting to me. I know I have grown as a person, in my perceptions of life and people in my life, because Kelly has helped me free myself from “conventions” so my view is more spiritual. My life is better and richer for having known and worked with her.
– Marcia B.

Incredibly intuitive healer!

I have never met anyone like Kelly. She is really able to see what’s going on inside a person. I felt very comfortable with her the very first session. Ending each session playing crystal bowls on each of the chakras and feeling the vibrational energy pulsing through my body is amazing and very healing.
– Raeann K.


I was blessed to start working with Kelly 2 years ago and joined the Inner Wisdom Circle to stay connected with like-minded souls. I really found the inner-circle platform to be invaluable with the knowledge that is given to us and the support as well. I still have a long road but, I couldn’t have done it without her.
– Jeanny L.

Life Changing

Kelly’s workshop is life changing. She explains scientific and universal knowledge that translates easily. Her workshop promotes change and growth in a space of love. After her workshop, I felt empowered and uplifted. My wings are spreading and I am ready to fly. Thank you, Kelly for everything!
– Lisa G.

So grateful to have been part of this retreat

I felt so calm, relaxed and at peace after the retreat. I learned so much. I am so grateful to have been a part of this experience.
– Nancy

Rising from the ashes

Wow! Someone finally put language to my journey. I’m not alone. I chose this life and I have the power to change. Thank you for giving me the love and safety to let my phoenix burn itself and rise from the ashes. I am now ready to fly!
– Anaisabel

I look forward to continuing the journey

Going into this workshop I was not sure what to expect. I was actually very nervous about coming, however, Kelly made the environment feel very welcoming and open for everyone to experience their own healing. I look forward to continuing the journey with assistance from her book.
– Michelle

Thank you, Kelly!

So grateful to the universe for the gift of Kelly—and grateful to Kelly for sharing her gift and knowledge to help us all heal. Thank you, Kelly!
– Shannon