Kelly’s Inner Wisdom Circle welcomes guest speakers to share their experiences and knowledge about our human/soul expansion!

What is Kelly’s Inner Wisdom Circle?

The Inner Wisdom Circle was created by Kelly Schwegel in 2016 to assist her clients with their healing. The community is intended to help people to step into their internal power and gain a better understanding of what this life is about. The group receives new lessons every week as well as guidance from Kelly and her spirit guides.

What are the lessons about?

Previous Wisdom Class topics include energetic weight loss, soul aging, detachment, healing the body through “inner alchemy,” chakras, somatic awareness, love-based karma, balancing your masculine and feminine energies, betrayal, vulnerability, the Seven Essene Mirrors, HeartMath, fear, tarot, manifestation, healing your relationship with money, and more.

Below is a sample class:

When, where, and how?

We invite guest speakers to deliver a one hour class on any topic that aligns with Kelly’s teachings.  Classes are hosted online. If you’re interested in being a guest speaker, please reach out at

Attendance and Self-Promotion

We are a growing community! You are welcome to tastefully promote your products or services during the class, but we ask that the main content be focused around teaching for our member’s personal growth and healing. PowerPoint presentations are supported, so feel free to prepare one.  All classes are recorded and made available to members on this website, along with any presentation materials.  If you have content that you prefer not be available for distribution, just let us know and we will gladly honor that.

What is the process?

Please email us and let us know what you are interested in sharing with us.  It is helpful if you can provide us with any background information about you as well.

Thank you for your consideration in sharing with us, and we welcome you with open hearts to our group!