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Inner Alchemy for Teens

Inner Alchemy for Teens

Inner Alchemy For Teens is a workbook that takes you on a journey to understand why you often develop hard emotions within you. Kelly guides you through a healing process that was gleaned not only from her life experiences but as her experiences as a holistic healing practitioner and twenty years as an educator.

In her easy-to-understand and conversational style, Kelly takes you into the messy and often extremely difficult encounters we have with ourselves and with each other, to bring you into the radiant you that you were meant to be.

Using simplistic explanations of the seven stages of alchemy, Kelly provides tools and self reflections to help you move into a healthier, more positive person. This is a must-read for any teen searching for an easier and more self-loving way to exist through this experience we call life!

Book is coming soon! All retreat attendees receive a copy of this book

Please download the activities for the Inner Alchemy for Teens’ Retreat on this page.

1 Activity-1-Blocks-to-Unconditional-Love
2 Activity-2-Uncovering-the-Wounds-of-Calcination
3 Activity-3-Box-of-Emotions
4 Activity-4-My-Personal-Timeline
6 Activity-6-Letter-of-Forgiveness
7 Activity-7-Healing-Your-Younger-Yous
8 Activity-8-Reactionary-Behaviors-Journal
9 Activity-9-The-Wonders-of-Why-Behaviors
10 Activity-10-Finding-Your-Compassion-Behaviors
11 Activity-11-The-Wonders-of-Why-Needs
12 Activity-12-Profile-of-Projection
13 Activity-13-Flowy-vs.-Crunchy-Brain-Centers
14 Activity-14-Power-Check
15 Activity-15-My-Giving-Tree
16 Activity-16-Mini-Dark-Nights
17 Activity-17-Zapping-the-Zone
18 Activity-18-Going-Through-the-Door

Please download the Self – Reflection for the Inner Alchemy for Teens’ Retreat Below.

1 Self-Reflection-1-My-Life-Conditioning
2 Self-Reflection-2-How-I-Feel-About-My-Human-Conditioning
3 Self-Reflection-3-Key-Life-Questions
4 Self-Reflection-4-False-Beliefs-of-the-Ego
5 Self-Reflection-5-My-Life-Lessons
6 Self-Reflection-6-My-Forgiveness
7 Self-Reflection-7-My-Reactionary-Behaviors
8 Self-Reflection-8-My-Personal-Needs
9 Self-Reflection-9-Behaviors-Caused-by-Personal-Needs
10 Self-Reflection-10-Unhealthy-Giving
11 Self-Reflection-11-Healthy-Giving
12 Self-Reflection-12-Why-Over-Give
13 Self-Reflection-13-Unhealthy-Receiving
14 Self-Reflection-14-My-Safety-Zones
15 Self-Reflection-15-My-Personal-Identity
16 Self-Reflection-16-My-Comparison
17 Self-Reflection-17-The-Authentic-Me

Download as a Zip File

You can download all the Activities as a rar file. Note that you will need a program to unzip the files once downloaded.