Kelly Schwegel
BSE, MSE, Ed.S, Reiki Master instructor

  • Degrees as educator and educational leader with certifications as teacher, principal, director of pupil services, director of special education and superintendent of schools
  • Creator of natural healing center, two women’s empowerment groups, and online wisdom classroom
  • Reiki Master instructor
  • Twenty-three years in teaching, training, speaking and professional development in the areas of education, holistic healing, at-risk students, human development, human conditioning and the consequences of the ego.
  • Three years’ experience writing and unpacking educational curriculum 9000+ personal sessions with clients from around the globe to address their individual human conditioning.
  • Four-time author of books and workbooks about human conditioning
  • Creator and Publisher of two meditation CDs
  • Developer of the Human Development business training to address human
    conditioning in the workplace
  • Founder of Social Wisdom Initiative

Kelly has earned a BA in Education, an MA in Educational Administration, an Ed.S in Educational Leadership,
and numerous certifications that led to 20 years in roles as a teacher, principal, state-level trainer/developer and creator of a state level process of school system auditing. Upon becoming a Reiki Master in 2011 and learning to heal herself mentally, emotionally, and physically Kelly was called to write, train, speak, and heal in the areas of spirituality and the natural healing arts. Her spiritual journey began at age six, when she began speaking to her Spirit Guides, and now receives premonitions, visions, and guiding wisdom to enhance her work as an expert and a leading authority on social interaction, human healing, and the spirit-science connections.