The Inner Wisdom Circle has formed in 2016 out of a longing to heal ourselves and to find people to share in the journey. We’ve come together to understand that healing really begins with understanding what we are at soul level – and why we are here. We have monthly wisdom classes along with a Q&A with Kelly and her guides. Topics run the gamut and we are always open to new ideas and guest speakers.


Kelly Schwegel
BSE, MSE, Ed.S, Reiki Master, EMF Practitioner

Kelly has spent the past five years giving personal healing sessions, reading photographs, speaking to animals, reading the body for medical issues and conducting tarot card readings. She has also conducted over 1000 personal healing sessions using sound and energy, which lead to finding her passion in teaching people to heal themselves and others. Although she still offers personal phone sessions, her passion is in teaching and writing so that she can bring as much of her guides’ channeled wisdom to as many people as possible. Read more about Kelly here.