Kelly Schwegel
BSE, MSE, Ed.S, Reiki Master, EMF Practitioner

Kelly Schwegel has earned an undergraduate degree in Education, a master’s degree in Educational Administration, an educational specialist degree in Educational Leadership, and numerous certifications that led to roles as a teacher, principal, director of special education, and superintendent.

After working in the field of education for twenty years, she felt called to train, speak, and heal in the areas of spirituality and the natural healing arts. This came after she became a Reiki Master in 2011 and had learned to heal herself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Her own healing journey led to her delivering thousands of healing sessions to others and consequently to her developing her own unique, and profoundly effective, natural healing technique, the Inner Alchemy Method. She not only continues to use this method on herself and others, but has trained countless others to integrate this method into their own healing practices.

Kelly uses a combination of her extensive healing experience, her inner wisdom, and her experience as an educational leader and trainer to bring healing into the individual realm as well as the corporate environment. She takes a practical and grounded approach as she uses a variation of her Inner Alchemy Method to transform inner office communication and social interaction through her ground-breaking training aptly named, “Corporate Cultural Alignment.”

You can read about her approach to life and her understanding of healing in her recently released book, The Art of Inner Alchemy, a book about the purpose of this life and your growth within it. Kelly is currently working on an Art of Inner Alchemy Workbook and has plans to release Healing Your Physical Body Through the Art of Inner Alchemy and The Inner Alchemy Mini’s — a collection of short teachings and activities to address specific life challenges — over the next three years.

When Kelly is not writing, delivering training or conducting personal healing sessions, she engages in public speaking, delivers healing retreats and teaches through her online learning community, Kelly’s Inner Wisdom Circle.

Kelly’s family includes her daughter Elisabeth and her cat Charlotte.

More information about Kelly:

Excerpt taken from her book, The Art of Inner Alchemy:

“My Guides are loving, inspirational, informational and, I say in all fondness, bossy. If you ever thought being scolded by a parent was bad, try an etheric scolding. Don’t get me wrong, they are never mean or unloving, and certainly not aggressive, but they always let me know when I cross the line with judgment, self-projection or any of those other human traits common to us mortal beings. It is a scolding from within the core of your being…

[They] are amazing. Now, at the age of forty-nine, I have a hard time putting into words the experiences I have, always blending this physical world with the etheric. My Guides show me visions, explain the unknown, teach me about the mathematics of life, share with me universal knowledge, help me see what is needed to help people heal and speak right through me in the form of channeling.

I do not tell people what star system I come from, nor do I care. I do not obsess about my past lives; I live in this one. I bring through wisdom and knowledge but swear like a trucker. I am no guru. I do not want to be one, but I respect and honor the information my Guides share, and I know that their teachings on how to heal have moved me from an unhappy, unhealthy person to a happy, healthy one. This book is about bringing that healing journey to you.”